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The trade of goods, assets, and essential products function seamlessly with the whole world working collectively to make it happen. We play an integral part in this system by offering services over various parts of the world to make the industry thrive in its zone, and further helping the public to have their share of the money to stabilize the economy.
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Our trading platform is open to the trade of a variety of goods. Check out what are the most traded products and go ahead with your trading option with backing from our side.

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Latest From Blog
  • Commodity options have always stepped forward as a diverse form of investment that provides investors with an opportunity to go beyond the usual line of work. As numerous elements revolve around the market, it has changed through time with a lot of practices coming into effect. But one can never proceed to understand the same if they do not have a clue about the call option. Apart from being an essential aspect of trading commodities, the call option is also an essential one. So to be more specific on this front, here’s a brief take on the call option on trading commodities.

    1. Introduction

    We are all aware of the fact that there are two types of commodity options. While the put option is also an important one, today we will be looking exclusively into the call option. Understanding what it means and how it takes shape stands to be the primary ingredient of success. Just like the put option, the call option gives the buyer the right to buy a particular asset at the stated strike price. But that right does not mean obligation and the process also comes forward with a specific period. At the same time, the seller of a call option is obligated to deliver a long position in the futures contract from the strike price if the buyer opts to exercise the option. Ideally, this means that the seller will have no other choice but to take a short position in the market. While the many aspects of the process need to be utilised to the right extent, it should never involve methods that don’t count as legal.

    2. Different Types of Uses

    When it comes to its primary purpose, call options are utilised for specific reasons that commonly involve purposes like tax management, speculation and income generation. Using the call option for tax management purposes involves allocations without actually buying or selling underlying security. In the wake of not wanting to create a taxable event, shareholders move ahead to use options to reduce the exposure to the underlying security without selling the same. Since the options contract provides buyers with the opportunity to obtain exposure to a stock for a small price, they can be used in isolation, and a significant return can be gained when the stock rises. As the individual is using the call option, the risk will always be capped at the premium paid for the option. By using a covered call strategy, investors can generate income. The procedure takes shape by involving an underlying stock while also writing a call option or providing the right to purchase to another individual. Moreover, the investor also collects the option premium and makes matters meet for the option to expire below the strike price....

  • Traders often misunderstand option strategies as they try to get the hang of the many risks and benefits that they provide. With such a form of misplaced decision making, one will not reach the right limit or the place where they will be able to accomplish their goals and objectives. So to establish a clear picture of the matter, we are here with the best options strategies that are apt for trading. Hence, go ahead and read them all out one-by-one.

    1. The Long Put

    The long put is an essential strategy that has been considered as a popular option by a lot of investors. It takes shape as the trader buys a put expecting the stock to go below the strike price right before expiration. As a result, if the strategy is implemented at the right time, then you expect things to head in a proper direction. Traders will earn significant returns on their investments by short-selling the stock and by utilising the long put option.

    2. The Short Put

    The short put is another critical strategy that gets implemented as the trader sells a particular put expecting the stock to go higher than the strike price by expiration. This method is quite similar to selling insurance against the stock when it falls below the strike price. In terms of usage, one can always expect the same to bear results when it is brought in at the right time. Moreover, the strategy also helps an investor achieve a more attractive price on the underlying stock.

    3. The Long Call

    Long call refers to a strategy where the trader buys a call expecting the stock to be below the strike price before the expiration. It is quite similar to long out, except for the fact that it pays out when the stock rises. So if you’re expecting the stock to move higher, then this particular strategy is the suitable option for you. Apart from that, it can also help you earn a much higher return when compared to the other scenarios that test the market. To understand the many implications of this process and move forward to utilise the same.

    4. The Married Put The married put is quite different from the rest as it moves ahead to bring in several changes, provided they are implemented effectively. The strategy gains form when the trader buys put options on stock for every 100 shares of the underlying stock owned. The investor further suspects the stock may fall in the short term but wants to move ahead by holding as it may rise soon. As a result, the married put option protects the investor’s downside and stands to be an ideal setup that coms forward with returns....